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Join our All-Inclusive 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Immersion Retreat in Costa Rica
Price includes luxury lodging, 3 gourmet meals/day, & taxes!!
Only a $999 deposit to secure your spot in the training.
June 7 - June 27, 2020
Aug 9 - Aug 29, 2020
The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica.

The Tantric Alchemy Institute was founded as a Modern Yoga School, registered with the National Yoga Alliance, to assist the earnest student in becoming a yogi through a holistic and traditional approach to yoga. Without a strong, broad and deep foundation it is nearly impossible to advance on the path of true yogic and spiritual development. Once the desirous student receives the knowledge, engages in the practices, and hones the techniques presented in our training, one can become an exceptional Teacher of Yoga.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program is open to anyone who has the deep desire to empower herself or himself and improve their life conditions and those of their community. You do not have to become a yoga teacher and in fact many of our students use this training to enhance their own yogic development and spiritual unfoldment. The Tantric Alchemy Institute qualifies graduates to register for a RYT 200 hour Level Yoga Alliance Certification upon completion of the program. You will become a Yoga Teacher in Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga and also a Yoga Practitioner as a developing Tantric Alchemist.

Classical Tantra is quite misunderstood in the West. This is mainly due to a distorted version, often called Neo-Tantra, being promoted that involves sex practices, sensual touch/massage, etc. This may be therapeutic for an individual or couple, but is not even close to what Classical Tantra is or does and one of our goals here at the Tantric Alchemy Institute is to dispel this confusion and distortion. But to put it quite frankly, all yoga as we know it today, from the West to the East, derives from Classical Tantra.

Classical Tantra is a system of practice for understanding the Self and realizing one’s innate Divinity. One of the origins of the word “Tantra” is the root ‘tan’, which means to expand. The suffix “tra” can be translated as “instrument” or “technology”, meaning that Tantra is a Spiritual Technology of Expansion. Thus Tantra is different from some more “Transcendentalist” spiritual systems in that it is not about rejecting or withdrawing from the world, but rather it’s life affirming not life denying. It’s about expanding your awareness, resulting in the refinement of your personality. In fact, Tantra is referred to as the Science of Personality! It’s also referenced as the Rasa Vidya, the Science of Taste. Tantrikas aim to extract the juice, the essence, out of life. The word Tantra is also said to be derived from the Sanskrit word for “weaving” and so it is a practice of integrating, of weaving together our will (Iccha), knowledge (Jnana) and actions (Kriya) to experience Life as a Divine whole. Hence, Tantra is a complete paradigm for spiritual advancement.

Listen to Lead TAI Faculty Member, Dave Yoss, describe in wonderful detail the depth and breadth of our mission and purpose within the modern world of Yoga with our Divine Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

At the Tantric Alchemy Institute, we believe that in order to be a good yoga teacher you need to be a great student of yoga. Being a great student is based on having a strong foundation. Our 200 Hour YTT curriculum is devised to provide your potential with the essential knowledge and techniques to build a lifelong yoga process for profound development. 

We employ tools such as the practice of physical postures (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama), the chanting and vibrating of sacred sounds (Mantra), contemplation on sacred geometric diagrams (Yantra), meditation and ritual, all to assist working directly with energy, or “Shakti”, which these practices allow us to cultivate and experience more fully. Tantrik practice is supported by an understanding of the health promoting science of Ayurveda, with its emphasis on proper diet, food as medicine, and self-care practices all to help align with your true nature..

Our Yoga practices are grounded in both modern Hatha and Vinyasa, focusing on both alignment and flow. Traditional Hatha Yoga practices, such as Pranayama, Bandhas, Kriyas, and Mudras are emphasized as well, since these have the power to unlock the deeper unfolding of Yoga.

This YTT is specifically for those individuals who want to not only teach yoga in a classroom setting but also for those who wish to develop and deepen their connection to Spirit and Divine Consciousness. To put it simply, it is a holistic approach to yoga! Though these traditions are ancient, it is our belief that their time-tested power, efficiency and effectiveness, enrich and advance the way our students are able to approach teaching in the context of the modern Yoga Studio classroom.

This all-inclusive profound yogic immersion takes place in the perfect environment for such an endeavor. Being surrounded by Mother Nature at her finest and fullest is not easy to come by this day and age and we are fortunate to have The Sanctuary At Two Rivers in Costa Rica as our home for this three week intensive.

We will practice our yoga to the sound of howler monkeys and the sights of butterflies and hummingbirds, dine on organic, locally sourced gourmet vegetarian and vegan cuisine three times daily, and sleep to the din of cascading waterfalls that are only a stones throw away from our Yoga Pagoda. This backdrop provides a solid crucible to disconnect from the distractions of modern day living in order to reconnect to your true nature. Join us for this magical life-transforming opportunity!

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“Tantra is a creative mystery which impels us to transmute our actions more and more into inner awareness: not by ceasing to act, but by transforming our acts into creative evolution.”
— Ajit Mookerjee & Madhu Khanna, The Tantric Way
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A Dhuni experience cannot be explained in words but here is a short video on some thoughts about it all.

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