Insight. Intuition. Imagination.


Nagaloka Dhuni is a Tantrik Mantra Meditation Ritual Space defining an active meditation process which incorporates and utilizes various yogic concepts such as mantra, pranayama, mudra, bandha, and yantra. It is designed for aspirants whom have the intention and desire of seeking Yoga or Union between the human microcosm and Cosmic Macrocosm. In the truest sense of the meaning and purpose of yoga, our yoga teacher training students will get to experience and learn the art and science of this ancient tantrik ritual. During the rite all of the 8-limbs of yoga are employed assisting the individual spirit to commune with the Great Cosmic Spirit, and in the process, refining the three supra-faculties of the mind; sharpening one’s insight, deepening one’s intuition, and expanding one’s imagination.

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Students describe their Dhuni Experiences during their Tantric Alchemy Institute Divine Wisdom 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.
A Dhuni experience cannot be explained in words but here is a short video on some thoughts about it all.