Refund Policy: 
The Tantric Alchemy Institute 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training payments are non-refundable and non-transferable at any time of the process.
Inappropriate use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs will result in immediate dismissal with no refund.

By placing your deposit or any payment thereof, you are agreeing to these policies.

Please note that this is a PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVE designed to teach you how to teach the practices of yoga. You will spend a lot of time in meditation, in movement, in silence, in lecture, in nature, with others in community and with the eight limbs of yoga through an inclusive and classical tantrik lens. You will be invited to lean on these tools to support you through emotional and mental turbulence that often surfaces as one focuses on exploring the internal landscape. It may be challenging at times. We have witnessed and guided hundreds of students through this beautiful process. The system works. Inspiring results come from the energy one invests.

This is a professional training and NOT a personal therapy intensive or detoxification program (from both recreational or pharmaceutical drugs). While we are committed to introducing authentic Yoga and self-study techniques, this program should not be taken as a personal therapeutic intensive if you are expecting or in need of professional psychological or medical support.

Our faculty and staff are not trained psychiatrists and do not carry clinical backgrounds in PTSD, addiction, sexual abuse counseling or other mental health concerns. If you have a history of PTSD or drug use, it is important that you arrive to our program in a stable state with the intention of using the practices of yoga for self regulation and personal spiritual growth.

If you are seeking more personalized therapeutic support, we do advise you to make that therapy your priority before attending an intensive yoga teacher training jungle immersion.