Why choose an intensive immersion on Tantric Alchemy Institute's Divine Wisdom 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program?
An advanced yoga teacher training immersion with Tantric Alchemy gives you four weeks to go so much deeper with your personal yoga sadhana; practicing, studying, asking questions and discussing a wide range of advanced topics with serious, like-minded students/teachers from around the world without the inevitable distractions of life at home. We take good care of you. It is a time for you to enjoy life while diving deeper into your yoga practice, refining consciousness and making new friends.

A bonus to signing up for a 300 hour YTT at this amazing tropical paradise in the Blue Zone of Costa Rica, aside from their deluxe tropical modern Zen Jungle Lofts and vegan gluten-free chocolate torte, is the rare opportunity to personally experience Mother Nature as your teacher. Our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program is a life-altering experience.

What qualifications or pre-requisites do I need in order to be accepted into your 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program?
The most important thing you will need is an open, willing and curious mind.

A 300 hour (RYT 500 Level) Advanced Yoga Instructor Certification is an advanced next level program that goes so much deeper than a 200 hour YTT. You do not need an advanced physical practice to participate, nor experience with meditation, a knowledge of anatomy nor philosophy. We will cover all of that in the training. Of course, the more experience you have as a student of Yoga, the more you will have to offer as a teacher. It's now time to refine your skills and deepen your understanding of yoga and union with Supreme Reality.

Remember that the study of Yoga is a never ending, lifelong journey and we are here to guide and support you, wherever you may be on your path.

How many students are in the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program?
We do not accept more than 14 students, which is an ideal number to form a wonderfully intimate group as well as receive quality hands-on attention from your teachers.

What is the typical age and gender of your participants?
Our 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program mainly attracts females from all around the world with an age range of 25-65.

Are required books and other materials included in the tuition cost? Will they be available on-site?
No. You are responsible for purchasing your required books and supplies (pens, notebooks, etc...) before arrival and bringing them with you to our magical oasis. It is not possible to purchase books or supplies anywhere nearby. You will receive, as part of the tuition, an extensive 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Manual as a supplemental required course text.

What is included in the tuition cost?
Included in the tuition is the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification with over 280 contact classroom hours, training manual, double-occupancy lodging in a tropical modern Zen luxury Jungle Loft, daily house-keeping, weekly laundry service, three organic gourmet vegetarian or vegan meals served to you each day, unlimited shade grown organic self-serve coffee, an assortment of teas, fruits for snacking, super-filtered mountain spring water for drinking and bathing, full access to The Sanctuary at Two Rivers 40 acre tropical paradise with swimming poolwaterfalls and rivers, hidden hammocks, gardens, and hiking trails, round trip transportation to either Montezuma or Santa Teresa for beach relaxation three times during the training, concierge services and all applicable taxes. We have priced this training in such a way to make it affordable with out sacrificing quality. There are no hidden costs. Keep in mind that you will not be spending your usual at-home food, coffee, entertainment, and gas & transportation expenses for four weeks!

What is not included in the tuition cost?
You will need to pay for all transportation to and from The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, required textbooks and supplies (notebook, pens, etc...), off site meals and excursions, Yoga Alliance membership fees, end of the training staff gratuities, and any spa services you wish to enjoy.

What style of yoga is your Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program?
Our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course draws primarily from the Tantric Yoga paradigm which emphasizes various advanced asana, pranayama and meditation techniques and processes to achieve higher, more refined, experiences of Reality rather than just the physical practice of Yoga.

Our asana practice is Hatha Vinyasa based, Vinyasa meaning the fluid integration of breath and movement, Hatha meaning the balance between fiery Sun and watery Moon energies. Within this well-rounded Hatha Vinyasa Flow training, you will gain a better understanding of subtle alignment queues, more in-depth anatomy, advanced pranayamas, bandhas, and kriyas.

We will explore the Samkhya philosophy, which is the backbone to Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga, Jyotish and Vaastu.  We will study Classical Tantra and the wisdom teachings of the Tantrikas ancient arts & sciences.

Is your Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program approved by the Yoga Alliance?
Yes. You will be eligible to submit your paperwork to the Yoga Alliance to be approved as an RYT (registered yoga teacher) at the 300 hour level (to be an RYT 500).

What is the Yoga Alliance?
The Yoga Alliance is a credentialing organization established in 1999 which sets standards for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainings. It is not required by law to be approved by the Yoga Alliance in order to teach yoga, but many studios and potential employers look for this registration mark.

Do you offer financial aide or work-exchange programs?
Unfortunately, not at this time. But we do offer Early-Bird registration discounts and we encourage you to commit early (flights will also be less expensive).

Will there be free time for excursions?
Our daily schedule is full and rich with yoga, lectures, hands-on learning, meditation, rituals, creative projects, reading, writing, discussions and more. This is why we call it a yoga teacher training intensive rather than a yoga retreat. We recommend coming to Costa Rica a little early or staying after the training if you would like to explore the country, enjoy tourist activities or visit friends.

What if I miss some class time, can I still complete the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program?
Most likely that won’t be a problem because we will exceed the required contact hours set forth by the Yoga Alliance as a residential immersion program. You will, however, be required to submit writing assignments to demonstrate your understanding of any topics that you miss, 500 words per hour missed.

What is your refund policy?
All payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable.